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Xray collimator structure

The principle of xray collimator simulated light field is that in order to enable the simulated light field to correctly reflect the X-ray field, the position of X-ray focus, point source and reflector is crucial. The position relation is that the position of the point light source and the X-ray focus must be symmetrical with the mirror as the center axis.
The mirror is an important part of xray collimator, and its placement can directly affect the accuracy of the simulated light field. A mirror is a very thin lens, usually made of plastic, the surface of the vacuum coating, playing the role of mirror. Reflective surface should be flat, reflecting efficiency should be 80 ~ 90%, and the absorption rate of X-ray should be less than 0.5 ~ 1mm aluminum equivalent.This indicates that the presence of xray collimator reflector increases X-ray filtration, so it is prohibited to use xray collimator, such as breast machine, in low-kv photography.
The shell of xray collimator also has a certain absorption scattering line effect, usually enclosing a thin lead plate on the inner wall of the shell.
Xray collimator also has a filter plate to remove soft rays to replace the tracks. The structure has upper insert and lower insert. There is also an upper turntable replacement, several commonly used filter panels are embedded in a disk, which use it to the bottom of the window.
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