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X ray collimators classification

X ray collimators is installed in the x ray tube suite window to remove unnecessary original x-rays from the X-ray check. It can limit the X-ray exposure to the minimum needed to minimize the amount of radiation a patient receives. One of the main functions of X-ray collimators is to limit the radiation field so that patients and operators can receive as little dose as possible. The second is to reduce the secondary area and improve the clarity of perspective and radiography.Try to block leakage as much as possible.
Newheek x ray collimators are divided into manual, electric and automatic.A manual type, which opens and closes an X-ray collimators patch panel manually, usually on a photographic device, with a manual knob. Electric, often used in perspective devices. Convenient for remote control, screen board movement power by micro dc motor. Automatic beam limiter is used for fluoroscopy machine. It can automatically maintain the size of the field as the distance changes.
X-ray collimators work by saying that the X-ray radiates from the X-ray tube focus to the surrounding area. For maximum range of practical use, control the window with an x ray collimators. X-ray collimators use adjustable lead plates to block out unnecessary primary rays from the window, thus controlling the beam size and changing the actual X-ray exposure field.
X ray collimators


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