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Collimating suitable for fixed X ray machine

The 150 KV tubing is usually large in size and good in performance. It also requires high-performance collimating matching. It is suitable for large hospitals and fixed X-ray machines.
ANJAN technology’s suspended electric bed flat DR is a fixed X optical machine. It is introduced as follows:
1, provide perfect image quality.
(1) it can realize image correction, image inversion, image filtering and other rich functions.
(2) the dynamic collection of 14bit has greatly increased the amount of image information.
(3) 17×17 large format imaging area to meet all clinical needs.
2. The structure design of the rail hanger is flexible, convenient and efficient.
(1) the unique rail suspension system and rotary electric bed structure are easy to move.
(2) It can take pictures in supine position and upright position to meet the requirements of taking pictures in all parts of the human body.
(3) Electric operation, the bed surface of rotating electric bed can be moved horizontally, the detector can be moved longitudinally, and the operation is convenient.
(4) flat panel detector has stable performance, high DQE and high dynamic range to ensure the best clinical image quality.
(5) powerful image post-processing function, EAE image enhancement, IEQ organization balance, and better image.
The NK202 collimating of Newheek is suitable for this suspended electric bed flat DR. The maximum radiation field of the collimating is 430mmx430mm (SID=90cm), which is a manual collimating.


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