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The composition of the collimator

Medical collimator usually consist of the following main parts:
1. Light source: The light source usually adopts high-brightness xenon lamp or LED lamp. The light source provides high-intensity light as the original light source.
2. Filter: It is used to adjust and filter the raw light. Common filters are color filters, which are used to change the color of light to suit different medical needs.
3. Reflector: There is usually a reflector inside the collimator, which is used to collect and focus the light to improve the brightness and concentration of the light.
4. Beam control device: The collimatoris also equipped with a beam control device, allowing the doctor or operator to adjust the size, shape and focus of the beam.
5. External brackets and connectors: collimators usually also include a bracket and connectors for fixing and mounting so that they can cast light in place.
Generally speaking, the composition of medical collimator mainly includes components such as light source, filter, reflector, beam control device and external bracket to provide high-brightness and controllable light for medical use.
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