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Xray Collimator for suspending X-ray machines

Xray Collimator for suspending X-ray machines
Xray collimator is suitable for suspending digital X-ray radiography system, high quality image chains and output perfect images.
Professional image acquisition and processing software, the pursuit of excellent images,
The image is smooth, delicate, clear and well – organized.Newheek xray collimator effectively ensures an organic balance of image quality and radiation doses.
Professional image processing system, powerful and independent image acquisition software, humanized image post-processing software and instant image processing technology amorphous silicon flat detector.Ensure the stability of the machine in complex environments and high quality images;Reducing the possibility of radiation hazards;Low maintenance cost.
Flexible and convenient operation, one key in place, convenient and fast.
The whole version has a large and effective detection area to meet the requirements of various parts of the human body.
The tube may move accordingly, depending on the height of the bed or the position of the chest mount.
Newheek xray collimator NK202 type has excellent performance, effectively guaranteeing image quality.

NK202 x ray collimator for suspending X-ray machines

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