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Application Scenario of Medical Tube Collimator

Application Scenario of Medical Tube Collimator

X-ray medical tube collimator for mobile bedside X ray machine
X-ray medical tube collimator is suitable for mobile bedside X ray machine. High quality digital image can be obtained by X-ray medical tube collimator, bedside field, which improves diagnostic efficiency and eliminates possible errors in traditional photography. And reduced the intensity and pressure of the photographers. It can be perfectly combined with any traditional mobile x ray machine and achieve the same effect as moving dr, so that the hospital can digitize the mobile bedside photography in the whole hospital with the least money, which is economical and practical. Lightweight, inexpensive, multi-specification, connection less, high-strength IP board use greatly reduces workerundefineds work intensity and responsibility. The maximum size of the IP plate (14 × 17) weighs only 2kg and its thickness is only 1. 2kg. 4cm, which make the operation of medical staff simple and easy, and the original mobile bedside X-ray machine can be digitized, thus eliminating waste, saving energy, protecting the environment and economic benefit.

Newheek X-ray medical tube collimator NK103,Applicable maximum voltage 90KV,Maximum irradiation field 430mmx430mm (SID = 90cm),Light field average brightness> 100lux,According to scale > 3: 1,Light bulb,12V / 50W,
Light light a single light time30S,Focs – Mounting surface distance (adjustable on request)

Medical Tube Collimator

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