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X-ray radiation for 50ma X-ray machine

X ray radiation is used to limit x light source, which is applicable to bedside X-ray machine. Bedside X-ray machine is a mobile X-ray photography medical diagnosis equipment.
Meet the requirements of X-ray photography of human head, chest, limbs and other parts in wards, operating rooms and emergency rooms of various medical units. And it can be used not only as a human X-ray, but also as an X-ray for pets or wild animals.
The structure adopts ergonomic design, beautiful and compact appearance, easy to operate.
With a hand-controlled X-ray collimator with a light source, the beam size can be adjusted freely according to the need.
X ray radiation for 50ma X ray machine
Patients can be cast at any Angle, more convenient to use, a wider range of applications. Novel design of large main wheel and front wheel universal wheel, portable and flexible.
Newheek X-ray radiation is divided into manual radiation, electric radiation and automatic radiation.Manual X-ray radiation: it USES manual knob to adjust window size. Built-in halogen or LED lights simulate X-beam positioning.
Newheek X-ray radiation can meet the needs of different customers.


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