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X ray radiation system

X ray radiation substrate knob rotation through the wire rope into linear motion, after a set of guide roller to the drive wheels make its rotation, and driven in fixed on the driving wheel of swinging rod, thereby giving impetus to the vane motion of fixed on the swinging rod, make blade fully open or fully closed, also can stay in the middle of the need to any point of view.
X-ray collimator is an appendage that can be used to position an X-ray device. It can be used to simulate the radiation area of an X-ray. It can reduce the radiation dose of the patient and enhance the image quality.
X ray radiation system
The shading working mode of X-ray radiation adopts the structure of double rocker rod. By adjusting the rod, the transmission gear rotates, and the first gear and the second gear of the transmission gear teeth rotate accordingly, driving the shading under the direction of x and the shading under the direction of x, so as to control the range of x rays.
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