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Collimating film for small X-ray machines

Collimating film is installed in a small X-ray machine, which is a medical diagnostic equipment for photography.X-ray collimator is designed to be used to restrict X-ray rays for stable imaging.
High frequency inverter technology, good quality of ray, low dose of skin, stable and reliable, good image clarity and contrast.
Collimating film for small X ray machines
High quality combined X – ray generator greatly reduces radiation and is safer for environment protection and operators.Symmetrical adjustable manual beam limiter is adopted, the film range can be adjusted freely, light source positioning, ruler ranging, film positioning is convenient and accurate.High dose accuracy and repeatability.
Newheek collimating film is divided into manual type, electric type and automatic type. Customers can choose suitable collimating film according to their own needs.
We will also provide quality testing and maintenance services.


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