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X ray collimator with u arm X-ray machine

X ray collimator can simulate x ray positioning. For U arm X-ray machine.U arm X-ray machine digital imaging system. Used for whole body digital radiography. High frequency and high pressure generator to provide fast real-time imaging. Manual X-ray collimator, high quality images, fast network transmission. The hospital radiology department is suitable for patients with large flow and needs to improve clinical image quality.
Multi – Angle rotation and large – range adjustment of SID can satisfy the application of all parts of the whole body. The special oblique projection position can meet the clinical application of special patients. The fully electric operating system is suitable for the precise positioning of doctors.
X ray collimator to make sure that you can get the most x-rays out of x ray collimator, the outer walls are all double-lined with lead. X-ray collimator USES 6 pairs of blades to control the size of the X-ray view, which are also lead-lined.Two pairs at the entrance of the ray, two pairs in the middle, and two pairs at the exit of the ray. The knob on the panel controls the blades.
Newheek x ray collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic. Can meet your different needs.
X ray collimator


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