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X ray filter is used in C arm X-ray machine

X-ray filter is configured in the c-arm X-ray machine, which is mainly used for the extraction of foreign bodies in the body and local photography of cardiac catheterization. The purpose of X-ray filter configuration is to limit the radiation range of the ray, and also limit the direction of the ray, occluding the scattering line.The manual x ray filter can reduce the radiation field without limit. Double – blade non – polar rotation can block the direct ray irradiation image intensifier.
To make the image more clear, it can meet the needs of high-precision and high-difficulty minimally invasive surgery.The x ray filter usually has multiple filters with different thickness, and the ideal image requirements can be achieved by switching between different filters.
The Newheek x ray filter is divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202, which are applicable to different kinds of x ray tubes in medical conditions and connected to different types of X-ray machines.
X ray filter meets the different requirements of customers, and we will also provide quality detection services.
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