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Various types of ralco collimator

Ralco collimator is a necessary device for X-ray machine to restrict X-ray irradiation field. It is an important part of X-ray machine. LED lamp in the ralco collimator can also play a role of simulation positioning, and can determine the irradiation position of X-ray in advance.
Whether portable X optical machine. Mobile X-ray machine or fixed X-ray machine, their size and configuration models are different, in order to meet the needs of different types of X-ray machine, X-ray machine components are divided into different types, to meet the needs of X-ray machine.
Newheek has developed three ralco collimator for different types of X-ray machines. Ralco collimatorNK103 is the smallest of the three. NK102 is for portable X-ray machines, NK102 is for mobile X-ray machines, NK202 is for fixed X-ray machines.
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