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X-ray collimator with LED or Halogen lamp

Total internal reflection (TIR) is the loss of light from the surface when the light strikes the surface between the media above the optically dense side, which is above a certain critical angle.

Application with manual X ray collimator

This effect is used in the collimating lens. Bulk optics captures light source emissions, such as hemispherical radiation and gain control of LEDs. They have lens-like features on the inlet and outlet surfaces, and sometimes additional micro or Fresnel lenses can be used for further beam shaping. Optical collimator with LED surfaces typically use TIR phenomena to ensure efficient ray deflection.

Collimator in X ray machine application
The collimator with LED is designed to protect the light source from the surrounding environment. Newheek has both a halogen x ray collimator and an LED x ray collimator.

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