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What is the electronic radiation rule field?

Do you know what the electronic radiation rule is?
In addition to the primary and secondary collimated beams, the collimated beam is equipped with an electron collimated beam below the radiation head. Its main function is to limit the electron emission.

The extent of protection to protect normal tissue outside the target area and protect the vital organs from exposure.
1. Performance error requirements for electronic radiation rules
The size of the electron radiation is determined by the distance between the 50% isodose points on the two major axes of the phantom surface at the normal treatment distance. The deviation between the light field and the radiation field quality inspection should not exceed 2mm.

led indicator light
2. Electronic radiation rule system
The boundary of the electron radiation field is determined by an electron beam limiter attached to the primary collimator, and the electron collimated beam is further divided into two types.
Next time I will introduce you to the collimated beam of the collimated beam.


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