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What is the main role of the collimator?

What is the main role of x ray collimator? What is the structure of the collimator for C-arm? Is collimator for C-arm a separate part?

collimator x ray
(1) The role of collimator for C-arm is to transform the scatter line into a parallel beam, made up of a series of small pieces of metal.
(2) Collimator for C-arm consists of parallel metal plates. The smaller the chip spacing, the higher the resolution and the lower the strength.
(3) The fiber collimator is the most basic optics of a fiber-optic communication system. Its function is to convert the diverging beam in the fiber into collimated light, which is coupled into the fiber with very little loss.
(4) The collimator for C-arm has a square shape and a circular shape, which limits the range of measurement of the X-ray corresponding to the sample.


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