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X-ray collimator system for X-ray machine

The X-ray collimator system is an important part of the X-ray machine. The digital X-ray machine makes photography more flexible through the X-ray collimator system, and the customized configuration can fully meet the needs.

An X-ray collimator system is configured for the X-ray machine, so that the X-ray collimator system limits the area of ray output. The flexible customized configuration of the medical digital X-ray system can fully meet the needs.
The electric X-ray collimator system can effectively improve the utilization of X-rays, improve image quality, and reduce radiation dose. The manual X-ray collimator system can effectively and accurately set the radiation area to a suitable size, and has a long service life and no maintenance.
Generally speaking, no matter which collimator system is selected, it can reduce the radiation dose and improve the image quality. At present, Newheek mainly produces two types of collimators, namely electric x-ray collimators and manual x-ray collimators. If you are interested in x-ray collimators, please contact us.

What types of x ray collimator are used for X-ray machines


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