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The functional use of x-ray collimator

The x-ray collimator system is an important part of the x-ray machine, which is mainly used to limit the irradiation range of x-rays and effectively avoid unnecessary radiation to the patient.
X-ray collimator is an important part of various medical X-ray machines. The x-ray collimator is installed directly below the exit port of the tube to limit the x-ray radiation range and reduce the x-ray radiation to the human body. In order to achieve this function, the x-ray collimator uses a lead plate of a certain thickness to make lead blades to shield x-rays. The lead leaf is installed inside the x-ray collimator, and the lead leaf in the x direction and the y direction can be moved manually or by a motor, so as to change the x-ray radiation range.
In order to enable doctors to accurately locate during the examination, the x-ray collimator is equipped with a visible light simulation system, which can simulate the radiation range of x-rays with visible light before shooting, effectively reducing the number of radiation.
Newheek x-ray collimators are divided into manual, electric and automatic three types, which can meet your various selection needs.If you are interested in this type of X-ray collimator device, please feel free to contact us.

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