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A brief introduction to the small collimator from Iran

Customers from Iran contact our company and want to know about some problems of x ray collimator. Here is a brief introduction to customers:

The small x ray collimator is small and easy to move and carry, so the small x ray collimator is very suitable for portable X-ray machines.

The type of X-ray machine has a matching limiting effect on the type of x ray collimator, but in fact it is the function of the X-ray tube to the x ray collimator. The tube has 125KV and 150KV, and the high-voltage cable and x ray collimator have different types of matching technical parameters.

The small x ray collimator is a device that restricts the X-ray irradiation field emitted by the tube of the portable X-ray machine, and is an important part of the X-ray machine.

Whether it is a portable X-ray machine, a mobile X-ray machine or a fixed X-ray machine, their configuration sizes are different, but the configuration components are the same. For different needs, the size of the X-ray machine components is also directly determined The size and type of X-ray machine it can be used for. The portable X-ray machine has the characteristics of being easy to carry, convenient to move, and light, so the x ray collimator must also have the same characteristics. Newheek’s NK103 x ray collimator is the smallest of the three X-ray machines. , With the same characteristics as portable X-ray machine, can be used in portable X-ray machine. The small x ray collimator is suitable for 125KV tube, so it is not suitable for fixed X-ray machine.

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