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X-ray Collimator installation position

The X-ray Collimator is an electromechanical optical device mounted in front of the X-ray tube assembly sleeve output window. Its main function is to control the illumination field of the X-ray tube output line. In order to meet X-ray imaging and diagnosis, reduce X-ray scattering and avoid unnecessary doses. It can also absorb some scattered rays to improve the image quality.

In addition, a light bulb with an LED lamp or a halogen lamp is installed inside the X-ray Collimator as an analog light to simulate the size of the projection center and the projected field of view.


Newheek has three main X-ray Collimators for filming.

NK102 is suitable for 125kV tube and mobile or stationary X-ray machines;

NK103 is mainly used for 125kv tube and portable X-ray machine;

The NK202 is mainly used for 150kv tube and stationary X-ray machines.

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