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A sample introduction to X-Ray collimator

Newheek X-Ray collimator is one of our hot products.
Positioning lamp:
LED, DC 12V-24V, only 30W for power supply, more uniform brightness in the field of 100000 hours.
(If a halogen bulb of about 150W is used, the halogen bulb generates a large amount of heat, and the halogen bulb is a consumable item, which needs to be replaced periodically, and the position needs to be accurate during installation, otherwise it may cause illumination positioning error)
Irradiation time:
30S automatically turns off, or sets a single lighting, and the mode is turned off when it is lit again.
(Some manufacturers use time-delay relays, which can only be turned off automatically after the delay. The relays are easily damaged during frequent use. The Newheek X-Ray collimator positioning lamp delay board has a dual mode and can be preset to a single lighting. The method of automatically extinguishing after delay can also be preset to single lighting, and the mode will be extinguished when the light is turned on again or the delay time will be automatically extinguished; the factory preset can be made according to the customer’s requirements; High-frequency fast and frequent on-off, no noise during the on-off process, no spark, no electromagnetic interference, and longer service life than common relays.)
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