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X-ray collimator installation instructions

In today’s article, let us first understand the installation instructions of the X-ray collimator equipment. Do you know how to install X-ray collimator equipment?
For positioning of the sleeve, the X-ray collimator uses a dedicated connector and sleeve window. The flange is fixed and matched into a whole, and can be rotated within a certain range. The focal position required by the X-ray collimator device during the installation process is consistent with the actual focal position of the X-ray tube assembly.
Generally, we do not provide on-site installation services for the installation and commissioning of mechanical auxiliary equipment, individual parts and components except for the entire X-ray machine. The first is the distance problem and the accommodation cost of the installation engineer. If it is only a small part of the mechanical auxiliary equipment or a single component, the installation is also a large cost, so of course you can save a lot of money, but please don’t worry. In this case, we usually debug the machine, and there will be a dedicated engineer video to guide the installation. Therefore, there is no phenomenon that it will not be used after purchase.
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