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X-ray collimator used in digital medical X-ray photography system

X-ray collimator and self-developed medical image high-efficiency automatic enhancement software can improve image quality in all aspects. All images are processed in multiple frequency domains, which can realize the separation of different image organization structures, clear image organization levels, and the perfect combination of well-designed image processing algorithms and high-performance computing libraries, making it possible to display excellent images in real time.
The X-ray collimator has a multi-frequency noise reduction algorithm to suppress noise in different frequency domains. The picture is delicate, soft and clear.
The X-ray collimator can realize rich functions such as image correction, image flip, image filtering, etc.
The dynamic collection of the X-ray collimator greatly increases the image information.
17 x 17 inch large-area imaging to meet all clinical needs. With whole body splicing technology. The feature points of overlapping images are seamlessly matched and fused, making the transition of Mosaic images smoother and more natural.

X-ray collimator


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