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X ray collimator electric

According to the working principle of x ray collimator, it can be classified into manual rectangular collimator, electric rectangular collimator and fully automatic rectangular collimator.

The application of columator
Tell us about the electric rectangular collimator today. The electric rectangular collimator is mostly used for fluoroscopy, which is convenient for remote control. It is an essential component for remotely controlled gastrointestinal beds. The electric rectangular collimator structure is basically the same as the manual rectangular collimator, except that the moving power of the occluder is provided by a small motor. By controlling the motor to reverse the normal rotation and the action time, the illumination field can be adjusted to the required size. The motor generally adopts a micro DC motor, and has a limit switch in the closing and maximum opening positions to automatically limit the position. The action is sensitive and easy to control.

X ray collimator for X ray tubes up to 150KV
The electric rectangular collimator for perspective, because the size of the field needs to be adjusted at any time without the need to illuminate the field indications and light indications. However, the fluoroscopy checkpoint that is also used for photography is equipped with an electric electric rectangular collimator, which should be equipped with an illumination field indicating and a light indicating system.
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