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Which X-ray machine types are suitable for small collimators?

Our company has several types of collimators. What kind of machine is suitable for small collimators?
The small collimator is small in size and convenient to move and carry, which is very suitable for portable X-ray machines.
The small collimator is a device that limits the X-ray irradiation field emitted by the tube of the portable X-ray machine, and is an important part of the X-ray machine.
Whether it is a portable X-ray machine. The mobile X-ray machine or the fixed X-ray machine has different configuration dimensions, but the components of the configuration are the same. For different needs, the size of X-ray machine components also directly determines the size and type of X-ray machine that it can be used for. For the portable X-ray machine, it is convenient to carry, move and light in weight. Therefore, the collimator must also have the same characteristics. Newheek’s NK103 collimator is the smallest small collimator among the three X-ray machines. , Has the same characteristics as the portable X-ray machine and can be used in the portable X-ray machine. The small collimator is suitable for 125KV electron tubes, not for fixed X-ray machines.

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