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Using the collimator x ray on the X-ray machine

The collimator x ray is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the output window of the X-ray tube assembly sleeve. The main function of the collimator x ray is to control the irradiation field of the X-ray tube output line so that it can meet the requirements of X-ray imaging and diagnosis. Under the premise of, try to reduce the projection range to avoid unnecessary dose; and can absorb some scattered rays to improve the impact of clarity. In addition, it can also indicate the projection center and the size of the projection field. Therefore collimator x ray is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection.
In the positioning of the collimator x ray and the tube sleeve, the collimator x ray adopts a special connection piece to fix and cooperate with the flange plate of the tube sleeve window, and can rotate within a certain range, and the focus position required by the collimator x ray during installation It is consistent with the focus position of the actual X-ray tube assembly. With the development of the X-ray machine host, collimator x ray has also evolved from simple to complex in structure, and from singularity to multi-purpose in function.

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