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Where is the X-ray machine collimator installed?

The collimator of an X-ray machine is usually installed at a specific location in the machine’s architecture. The main purpose of a collimator is to control and limit the size and shape of the x-ray beam to ensure image clarity and accuracy. The specific installation location may vary depending on different X-ray machine models and uses.
In the medical field, a common X-ray machine collimator is installed between the tube and the patient. It is used to control the shape and size of the X-ray beam from the patient’s body to the flat-panel detector to ensure high-quality images.
In the industrial field, the mounting location of the X-ray machine collimator can vary depending on the specific application needs. For example, in non-destructive testing, a collimator may be installed in front of a detector to control the shape and size of the beam in order to detect defects in metal parts.
In summary, the installation location of the X-ray machine collimator depends on the specific application requirements and machine design. The specific installation location can be found in the X-ray machine’s operating manual, technical specifications or consult the manufacturer for more accurate information. If you need a collimator, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email: service@newheek.com

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