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What is the function of X-ray collimator?

The X-ray collimator is mainly used to collimate the X-ray beam, that is, to adjust the direction and size of the X-ray beam. Its functions include:
Control the X-ray projection range: The X-ray collimator can limit the scattering and leakage of the X-ray beam, so that it can only be projected on a specific area or target object. This can prevent X-rays from irradiating parts that do not need to be inspected, reduce radiation dose, and protect the safety of personnel and the environment.
Improved image clarity and quality: By collimating the X-ray beam, scatter and interference are reduced, resulting in clearer images and easier identification of details. Especially in medical imaging, accurate X-ray beam collimation is the key to obtaining reliable diagnostic information.
Optimizing inspection results: The X-ray collimator can adjust the angle and size of the X-ray beam according to different inspection requirements to obtain the best inspection results. For example, for orthopedic examinations, larger X-ray beams may be required to cover large areas of bone structure. For mammography, a smaller x-ray beam may be needed to improve detection of small breast nodules.
In general, the function of the X-ray collimator is to control the projection range of the X-ray beam, improve image clarity and quality, and optimize the X-ray inspection effect. By precisely adjusting the X-ray beam, more precise and reliable diagnosis and treatment can be achieved.
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