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Where can beamers be applied

The beam limiter, also known as a beam limiter or collimator, is an important accessory of an X-ray machine. It is installed under a ball tube to limit the exposure range of X-rays. When the switch of the beam device is turned on, a beam of light will be emitted. The place where the light is irradiated is the irradiation range of the X-ray, which is the place where we need to take a film for detection. Therefore, the beam device also has the function of positioning, reducing the emission of stray rays, and reducing the exposure of the operating doctor and the patient to X-ray radiation.

There are many types of beam devices. When selecting a beam device, attention should be paid to distinguishing the maximum tube voltage that can be tolerated, as long as it is less than the rated value. In addition, beam devices can be divided into manual beam devices and automatic beam devices according to different control methods. Manual beam devices achieve the opening and closing activities of this lead leaf covered beam device by manually adjusting the knob or lever on the beam device. The automatic beamer does not need to manually adjust the opening and closing of the Qianye, and automatically adjusts the lead leaf by setting parameters. Manual beamers are cheaper, while automatic beamers are more expensive. If you need to purchase a beam limiter, welcome to call. Tel(whatsapp):+86 17616362242x-ray-collimator

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