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What is the collimator used for

Collimator, also known as beam collimator, is one of the essential components of an X-ray machine. Its main function is to adjust the projection range of X-rays.

The collimator is usually connected to a ball tube, and its role is to position and use it to simulate the radiation area of the X-ray machine, which can reduce the dose of patient radiation and improve image quality. In addition, it can also indicate the projection center and the size of the projection field of view. Therefore, the collimator is an indispensable auxiliary device for X-ray irradiation and protection.

The manual collimator manually adjusts the knob or lever on the collimator to achieve the opening and closing activities of the collimator covering the lead leaf. The automatic collimator does not require manual or other physical buttons to operate, and can automatically adjust the lead leaf by setting parameters. This beam device uses CAN communication protocol and is mainly used in C-arm X-ray machines with dynamic flat panel detectors. Compared to ordinary collimators, the price of automatic collimators is relatively much higher.

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