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The damage caused by X-ray radiation can be accumulated

Everyone knows that the role of a beam device is to control the irradiation field of X-rays, minimize the projection range, and avoid unnecessary doses. Therefore, many friends are curious about whether radiation will accumulate in the body after X-ray photography.

In fact, X-ray radiation has a certain degree of accumulation. X-ray radiation is usually not significant, and patients do not need to be particularly concerned. The specific situation is that studies have shown that the amount of radiation that patients undergo when taking X-ray films is usually 0.023mSv/sec, and its carcinogenic rate is relatively low, even minimal. Patients do not need to be particularly concerned and refuse X-ray examination. Different locations have different penetration forces, and the amount of radiation they receive is also different.

As the basis of imaging examination, X-ray films can be used for the diagnosis of common diseases, including fractures and dislocations. The radiation of CT is far greater than that of X-ray films, and its radiation amount unit is usually about eight times that of X-ray films. Therefore, relatively speaking, its radiation damage is more severe, and the risk of cancer is also relatively higher.

The X-ray machine radiation that normal people receive during their annual health checkups can be metabolized by the human body, and infrequently, there is no harm to the human body.

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