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What kind of xray collimator does the C-arm use?

What kind of x ray collimator does the C-arm use? Of course, it is the RF801 medical X-ray  collimator produced by Sinovel. The RF801 beam limiter is used for medical diagnostic X-ray tube components with an X-ray tube voltage not higher than 125kV. The beam limiter of the continuously adjustable radiation field used in conjunction with the C-arm device,
The RF801 xray collimator adopts a structure protected by two sets of single-layer lead blades, a rectangular irradiation field, and the movement of the blades is driven by a stepping motor. Built-in 3-speed automatic selection of different aluminum equivalent filter devices. The control of blade movement and other functions adopts automatic mode, and the automatic control adopts CAN-BUS field bus communication protocol.
The appearance diagram of the RF801 xray collimator is as follows:

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