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Customer Inquiry  x ray collimator Device Exported Oversea

We provide X-ray machine accessories, such as hand switchs, generators, and x ray collimator. For products like beam beamers, we first need to determine the KV number and what equipment to use. There are manual models and electric models. section
The most popular product parameters of our products are as follows, the maximum irradiation field: 440mmx440mm (SID=100cm), the average brightness of the light field: >160lu, the brightness ratio: >3:1, the lamp: 24V/100W, and the single-point lighting time of the lamp: 30S X-ray tube focus Installation end face distance: 60mm (can be adjusted according to needs) Shield leaf: 1 layer Fixed filter (75kV): 1mal Additional filter (optional): External, choose to leave by yourself Drive mode: Manual Input power: AC24V SID measuring belt: Yes
Dimensions (WLH) mm: 223x185x87 Weight (Kg, excluding cables): 5.5kg Leaving the aperture display: knob pointer scale
If you want to replace the x ray collimator, the first thing you need to confirm is what equipment is used and the required KV number.
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