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What are the styles and types of optical devices

The x ray collimator device (also known as “collimator”, “shrinker”) is the most important auxiliary part of the tube. The light beam device is an electromechanical optical device installed in front of the tube window. Its function is to control the irradiation field of X-rays, reduce the projection range as much as possible under the premise of satisfying imaging, and avoid unnecessary doses; absorb scattered rays and improve Affects sharpness; indicates the center of projection and the size of the projected field of view. Therefore, the beam beam device is the most important component in X-ray projection and protection.
The x ray collimator device adopts a multi-leaf shutter to limit the X-ray irradiation field of view and avoid unnecessary radiation for patients. There are multiple copper filters inside, and the computer automatically selects according to the photographing position, body position, and imaging parameters to ensure the best filtering effect, eliminate soft wires, and reduce radiation dose. X-ray beam optics are used to limit the impact of scatter on image quality and to protect patients and users by eliminating radiation exposure to non-target areas of the body (radiation protection). If necessary, the radiation range of X-rays can be limited within a certain range, and the radiation of X-rays to the human body can be reduced as much as possible.
Our company has three kinds of x ray collimator, one is 102, 103 and 202, and their respective voltages are different. Thex ray collimator are mainly used in conjunction with the tube, and the selection depends on the voltage of the tube.
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