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What is the X-Ray Collimator?

Newheek mainly has 3 models X-Ray Collimator: NK102, NK103, NK202.
The main function of the X-Ray Collimator controls the X-ray exposure range to prevent X-rays from diverging and causing excessive radiation damage to the human body.

Our 3 models X-Ray Collimator are manually controlled. By rotating the button to adjust the analog light, we can install halogen or LED lights in our X-Ray Collimator to simulate the light, so as to accurately locate and avoid unnecessary exposure to the human body. Radiation; secondly adjust the distance between the lead leaves to adjust the size of the light field to adjust the size of the light.

Tips: There is a mirror inside the X-Ray Collimator. Do not touch it with your hands to avoid fingerprints.


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