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X ray collimator classification

X ray collimator is an essential part of a medical X-ray machine. X-ray collimator is usually installed below the X-ray emission window of the X-ray tube ball. According to the diagnostic needs, it can limit the radiation range of X-ray to a certain extent and reduce the radiation to human body as much as possible.
In addition, the X ray collimator with a certain thickness of lead plate made of lead shielding X-ray, lead in the X direction and Y direction with a pair of each lobe group, X ray radiation scope for rectangular, lead leaf was installed on the mechanical structure of X ray collimator internal, by manual or machine control, make the X direction and Y direction lead leaf groups respectively move, adjust window leaf size, change the X-ray radiation.
X ray collimator classification
Newheek X ray collimator is divided into several types, including electric, manual and automatic. Manual X-ray collimator is divided into three models: NK102, NK103 and NK202.
Suitable for different types of X-ray machines, NK102 is usually connected with 125KV bulb, mainly used for mobile X-ray machines and stationary X-ray machines. The NK202 is usually connected to a ball tube of 150KV and is suitable for fixed X-ray machines. NK103 is a special X-ray collimator, usually connected to 125KV ball tubes in medical situations, for portable X-ray machines.
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