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The role of x ray collimator

X ray collimator is an important part of X-ray machines.Since x-rays are harmful to the body, they need to be controlled so that they are only exposed to areas where the patient needs to be examined. This can protect areas where the patient does not need to be examined from unnecessary x-rays.
The main function of X ray collimator is to block X-ray scattering, reduce X-ray injury to patients and improve imaging quality.
The role of x ray collimator
X ray collimator is typically mounted under an x ray tube that emits x-rays that are projected onto the subject by the opening of the blade inside the X ray collimator. The opening size of X ray collimator blade determines the projection range of the emitted X-ray, while the excess ray emitted by X-ray tube beyond the opening of blade will be absorbed by the blade and blocked, but cannot be emitted.
Newheek x ray collimator is divided into manual, electric and automatic. You can choose according to your own needs.
Newheek manual x ray collimator, which adjusts the blade size of the window via a manual knob.
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