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What is the working principle of X ray collimator?

The so-called x ray collimator is a device that converts a divergent beam into a collimated (parallel) beam. Generally used in collimated light sources and various active and passive optical communication devices, the Gaussian beam transmitted in the optical fiber is collimated to improve the coupling efficiency between the optical fiber and the optical fiber. This allows various devices to implement their own unique functions.

The basic principle of Collimator: the light from the point source at the focus passes through the lens and is emitted in parallel, which is collimated light. Specifically, after the light passes through the fiber head, the outgoing light forms a divergent Gaussian beam at the wedge face of the fiber head. The point source of the light is on the wedge surface of the fiber head, and the position is designed as a lens. Focus, since the lens has a convergence function, the divergent light emitted from the fiber tip is converted into parallel light.


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