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General X-ray collimator classification

General X-ray collimator is a necessary component for medical X-ray diagnostic equipment. X-ray collimator is installed below the X-ray tube’s X-ray emission window. It can be used to limit the X-ray radiation range and minimize the X-ray radiation to human body according to the diagnostic needs.
Newheek General x ray collimator is available in a variety of types and models.Divided into manual and electric type.
General X ray collimator classification
1. Manual: this General ray collimator can be used in photography to open and close the lead leaf and adjust the knob or lever of the beam limiter manually
2, electric: more used in fluoroscopy, convenient for remote control, for the remote control of gastrointestinal bed is an essential component
The manual General X-ray collimator can be divided into three types: NK102,NK103 and NK202.
NK102: normally used for general X-ray machines, connected to 125KV X-ray tube.
NK103: designed for portable X-ray machines, it is primarily used to connect 125KV X-ray tubes.
NK202: it is designed for different X-ray machines. It can be connected to an X-ray tube of 150KV, and the maximum X-ray imaging size is 17 “X17”.
Newheek General x ray collimator can meet your different purchasing needs.


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