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What is the role of x ray collimator?

X-ray collimator is a device that limits the radiation output of X-ray sources. Without electronic collimation, X-rays escape, filling the detector with radiation and preventing clear images from being obtained. X-ray collimators can be made of many materials, including lead, tungsten, molybdenum, tin, bismuth, high density plastics, etc. Newheek can produce various types of collimators according to customers’needs – including slit collimators, tapered beam collimators, sector beam collimators and pinhole collimators.

X ray collimator for X ray tubes up to 150KV
Newheek can provide customers with some options for collimating detectors. This is usually done to prevent crosstalk between detector cards in a set of detectors for medical or security applications. This allows the detector to be protected from scattered radiation, and only detects radiation from direct exposure to the detector. The collimation of detectors can be accomplished in many ways, but usually by placing thin tungsten or molybdenum foils on the detectors in order to limit scattering. Newheek can provide such tungsten or molybdenum foil and related components for fixing these shielding plates. Newheek can also provide other solutions for lead and plastics based on specific needs.


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