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How does x ray collimator work?

The xray collimator used in the medical field is almost always used for imaging devices, especially X-ray machines. Depending on the type of xray collimator used (there are five basic collimator types), the xray collimator is used to channel and redirect photons at different energy levels, and is typically used to assist in zooming in or minimizing images, and also allows techniques People and medical practitioners choose between the quality of the images they are taking or the speed of the images they are taking.

Collimation radiology for digital X ray systems Collimated beam application
Newheek xray collimator NK102:
Application: it can be used on normal radiography x-ray machine
Technical Parameters
Fixed Filtration (75kV): 1mmAL
Additional Filtration(Option): External, Self Option
Leave Driving Method: Manual
Input Power: AC24V
SID Measurement Band Tape: Yes
Outlook Dimension (WLH) mm: 223x185x87
Weight (Kg, not include cable): 5.5kg
Leave Aperture Display: Knob Pointer Scale


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