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Electric collimator radiography

With the development of collimator radiography, collimator radiography is also evolving from simple to complex, with functions ranging from single to multi-purpose.
Collimation radiology for digital X ray systems
According to the driving method of the limiter lead leaf opening and closing, it can be divided into manual collimator radiography, electric collimator radiography and automatic collimator radiography.
Collimated beam application
The electric collimator radiography lead is normally driven by a micro-DC motor. The forward and reverse time of the DC motor can be properly controlled to adjust the illumination field to the required size. The adjustment of the electric collimator radiography field is carried out both on the collimator radiography and on the bedside console. In addition to continuous adjustment, the latter has a variety of fixed-size illumination field selection buttons, as long as By pressing these buttons, the motor will move the lead leaf to the selected field and fix it to meet the specific requirements of the radiography. The operation of the motor is provided with a limit switch in the lead leaf closing and maximum opening position, and automatic limit protection.
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