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Common Faults of Medical X-ray Collimators

Common faults of medical X-ray collimators include but are not limited to the following:
Transmission part failure: The transmission part of the X-ray collimator may fail due to long-term use or improper operation, such as gear wear, transmission belt breakage, coupling looseness, etc., resulting in the collimator not moving or rotating normally.
Collimator deviation: The positioning accuracy of the collimator is very important, and deviation may lead to inaccurate collimation of the X-ray beam, which in turn affects image quality and diagnostic results. The deviation may be caused by problems such as poor unlocking of the positioning device, loose mechanical structure, and sensor failure.
Lighting system failure: The lighting system is used to irradiate patients. If the lighting bulb burns out, or the bulb connection wire is loose or broken, the lighting system will not work properly, affecting the operator’s observation and operation.
Control system failure: The control system includes buttons, touch screen, control circuit and other parts. If these parts fail, it may cause the collimator to fail to adjust parameters, fail to respond to operations or other abnormal phenomena.
When the X-ray collimator fails, the best solution is to contact the equipment supplier or other professionals for repair and troubleshooting. Depending on the situation, they can overhaul, replace parts, or perform other repairs to ensure the collimator is back to working order.
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