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What is the function of the collimator

Uses and functions of X-ray collimator:
It is mainly used for surgery and has high efficiency. From the perspective of ergonomics, it can save manpower, and the operation is more convenient, so that the operator does not need to be distracted.
Collimator: – Aiming, straightening, and straightening.
Front collimator: reduce the radiation dose to the patient and limit the scanning space (slice thickness)
Post-collimator: reduces scattered rays entering the detector
Filter: absorb low-energy soft X-ray photons and balance the energy of X-ray photons
Autocollimator (collimator) is a precision optical instrument for high-precision angle measurement. It is widely used to measure the linearity of the guide rail, the flatness of the precision plate, the verticality and parallelism between the base surfaces, the shaking error of the precision shaft system, etc.; at the same time, it can also measure the angle difference of various prisms and the parallelism of the flat mirror Difference and measurement and inspection of angle errors between various prisms, flat mirrors and assembly reference planes.

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