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Why do C-arms use collimators?

Why do C-arms use collimators?The harm to the human body caused by the X-rays emitted by the C-arm used in the operating room is mainly ionizing radiation.
The radiation received by the patient in the operating room comes from the radiation directly emitted by the X-ray machine. The radiation received by doctors, nurses and other operating room staff comes from the radiation scattered by the patient’s body. Because the rays are penetrating, the rays can enter the human body and ionize with the cells in the body. The ions generated by the ionization can erode complex organic molecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes, which are the main components of living cell tissues. Once they are destroyed, it will cause the normal chemical process in the human body to be disturbed, and in severe cases, cells can die. Cells are damaged, suppressed, die or affect the next generation through genetic variation.
When no patient or article is placed in the ray beam, it can be considered that all the rays emitted by the tube hit the inside of the intensifier and are absorbed. The nearby workers absorb very little radiation. But once the patient is exposed, the radiation situation in the operating room is completely different. After the rays emitted by the C-arm enter the patient’s body, only about 1% of the rays pass through the patient and reach the surface of the intensifier.
This is the reason why the C-arm uses a x ray collimator. The main function of the beam device is to control the irradiation field of rays and reduce the radiation damage of scattered rays to doctors and patients.
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