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What is the beam light used for?

The beam light device is also called the beam limiter and the collimator. It is an important accessory of the X-ray machine. It is installed in the tube
Below, it is used to limit the exposure range of X-rays. When the beamer switch is turned on, the
A beam of light, the place where the light is irradiated is the irradiation range of X-rays, that is, we need to take pictures
The place where the film is detected, so the beam light device also has the function of positioning, and at the same time reduces the stray scattered rays
Emit, reduce operations and patient exposure to X-ray radiation.
Uses and functions of X-ray beam optics:
Mainly used for surgery, high efficiency;
From the perspective of ergonomics, it can save manpower and make the operation more convenient, so that the operator does not need to divide
Collimator: – Aiming, straightening, and straightening.
The projected light is a fan-shaped light, which can be understood as a section, and the width of the slit depends on the detector
Also known as simulation (radiotherapy) positioning machine: it has precise marking, perspective positioning, left and right coordinate engraving
degrees, there is a cross, and there are scales on the cross. Surgery and the like require that the wiring harness must be precise.
Manual and electric integrated beam light device:
1. Function conversion through the key.
2. X-ray automatic beam device: controlled by the machine, automatic control, so it must be electric,
The machine has a program, the value is set, and no human intervention is required.
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