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Contact X-ray collimator

The boundaries of the electron radiation field are determined by electron collimator radiography attached to the primary collimator, and the electronic collimator radiography is divided into two types. Tell us about the contact X-ray collimator today.

X ray collimator system composition
Contact X-ray collimator:

Collimating film range of use
a. Shape: Contact collimator radiography shape is tapered or barrel. It can be fixed or adjustable.
b. Materials: Electronic collimator radiography materials are made of low atomic number materials, and the choice of materials directly affects the quality of the electron beam stream for treatment.
c. Use: Collimator radiography wall has the function of scattering electrons, which can improve the uniformity. When using, the bottom of collimator radiography should be directly contacted with the patient’s skin. Otherwise, the uniformity will change significantly with the distance from the collimator radiography. The patient has been designed to take into account the risk of squeezing, and is often equipped with a compressible cushioning spring. Care must be taken when using a motor to drive the lifting bed.


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