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What is an X-ray collimator

The main function of the X-ray collimator is to control the irradiation field of the X-ray tube output line, so as to reduce the projection range as much as possible and avoid unnecessary doses under the premise of satisfying X-ray imaging and diagnosis; and can absorb some scattered Rays improve the impact clarity. In addition, it can also indicate the projection center and the size of the projection field. Therefore, the X-ray collimator is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for X-ray projection and protection.
The main parameters of the X-ray collimator:
Maximum voltage of X-ray tube 125 KV
Maximum irradiation field 440 x 440 mm² (SID = 1000 mm)
Minimum irradiation field <10×10 mm
Lead leaf control mode manual
Dimensions: 180 ×155 ×100 (mm)
Working power supply 12 V AC, 100 W (minimum safe voltage)
Weight (not including cable) 2.6kg
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 X-ray collimator


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