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Collimator NK103 for portable X-ray machine

The collimator NK103 is suitable for portable mobile X-ray machines. This equipment is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry, low radiation dose, does not need safety protection devices, does not need a darkroom, and can be directly observed for immediate observation.
Collimator NK103, high resolution, clear imaging, widely used in orthopedics, limb surgery, traditional Chinese medicine bone reduction, puncture and other fields, suitable for field diagnosis, earthquake rescue and other on-site treatment of the wounded, and widely used in experiments, scientific research, Non-destructive testing of teaching and engineering and industrial products.
We at Newheek specialize in producing all kinds of collimators. If you are also interested in the NK103 collimator, please contact us. In addition, we also have many types of collimators, including electric, manual and fully automatic, here You can definitely find the one you are satisfied with.

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