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What are the best-selling models of Newheek collimators?

The collimators produced by our company have various styles, some are suitable for portable X-ray machines, some are suitable for fixed X-ray machines, some are manual, some are electric, some are suitable for 125KV tube use, and some are adapted 150KV tube is used to meet the needs of different customers. What are the best-selling models? Let us briefly analyze them together.
First of all, it is suitable for the tube with a maximum tube voltage of 125KV. It is mainly suitable for the collimator NK102 and NK103 of the portable X-ray machine. It is small in size and cost-effective. For specific parameters, you can consult our business. The collimator of the tube voltage 150KV tube, namely NK202, etc., is generally used in fixed equipment, and its volume is a little larger than that of 102 and 103, such as sickle arm, CT, etc., as well as electric collimators, our company’s collimator The electric collimator is more expensive and is black…
The collimators produced by our company are the most popular NK102 and NK103, which are our best-selling models, and have been exported to many countries, such as Germany, Peru, India, etc., the price is relatively easy to accept, followed by the NK202 style , are also used in fixed equipment, the price of electric models is relatively high, and the current transaction volume is relatively backward.
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