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What types of collimators are there?

Everyone is curious about the types of collimators. Let’s talk about the types of collimators.
First of all, let us popularize the knowledge of collimator. The collimator is also called the beam light device and the beam limiter. It is a very important part of the X-ray machine. Its main purpose is to control the irradiation field of the X-ray tube, and reduce the projection range as much as possible under the condition of ensuring the irradiation. , and can absorb the cluttered rays, reduce the radiation dose received by the patient during filming, increase the quality of the image, and make the image clearer. The following small series will talk about the types of collimators. Collimators are generally divided into three types: manual, automatic and fully automatic. The portable X-ray machine generally chooses the manual collimator, and the gastrointestinal machine generally chooses the electric collimator. Our beamers come in a variety of styles, there’s always one to suit your needs!
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